6 Dutch Escape Rooms we highly recommend

5 min readJun 12, 2018

One of the questions we get asked most by our visitors is “What other escape rooms do you recommend?”, so we thought we’d investigate this and ask our own Sherlocked team - the Sherlocked Holmies - which rooms really blew their minds. It’s safe to say, the following 6 escape rooms are definitely worth a visit.

The Honeymoon Hotel
Escape Challenge, Zoetermeer

A greenish light shines through the stained glass windows of the massive wooden doors that suddenly seem to be locked. Feverishly you try to open the door again, but in vain. You let your eyes scrutinize the space. An old wooden counter, a dull golden baggage trolley with suitcases in it, a broken piano and an elevator… It’s the lobby of The Honeymoon Hotel. Behind a door that apparently leads to the honeymoon suite, there is a disturbing noise, suddenly the light goes out…

Claudia, director/photographer and host at Sherlocked: “You know that creeping feeling something is terribly off? A shudder goes down your spine, but at the same time the adrenaline comes up and you realize… I have to get the hell out of here. The Honeymoon Hotel is very good at triggering that feeling.”

De Meisjeskamer
Escape Room, Bunschoten

Once upon a time there was a little girl that lived in an orphanage. She dreamed of having a room of her own and one day her dream came true. The orphan girl was welcomed by a kind hearted man and was granted a very room of her own. The little girl was the happiest and most fortunate orphan there could have ever been.

Little did she know that looks can be deceiving and that the loving man that took her into his safe arms wasn’t as lovely as she once thought. What happened to the orphan girl? You’ll find out in this quivering escape room adventure.

Yaron, actor and Custodian of the Society of the Crossed Keys: “De Meisjeskamer was my first experience with a horror-themed room, and none of the rooms that came after even came close to the immersion and efficient storytelling of De Meisjeskamer. The puzzles are great and intuitive and the atmosphere is spine-chilling. De Laboratoriumkamer, their first experience, is also great but I would recommend that you play the Meisjeskamer after it, since they really improved on their concept after their original experience.”

The Submarine
Locked, Amsterdam

The Russian submarine K-129 has mysteriously disappeared 20 years ago. It was last seen in the North Pacific Ocean. The vessel has a dangerous nuclear load on board and to this day has not been located. It is crucial that this submarine is found before it falls into the wrong hands.

The escape room starts in its deserted office. From there, the adventure takes you to the great depths of the North Pacific Ocean. In this exciting and technically inventive escape room, nothing is what it seems.

Jael, location manager at Sherlocked: “At Locked Amsterdam a truly mysterious story comes to life. A room decorated with a carefully put together interior, inventive riddles and puzzles. It all adds up, and it’s presented to you in an exciting race against the clock.”

De Ramkraak
Project Escape, Nijmegen

The police closes in fast as you’re trying to break into the office of ‘Starlife Enterprise’. When the locks are about to open you suddenly realize… This experience throws you right in the middle of the action. But what exactly is it that Starlife Enterprise does? And what are you stealing?

Francine, beloved member of the Sherlocked family: “The story is both original, fun and relevant throughout the experience, with a delightful variety of challenging but doable puzzles. Combine that with beautiful room design and very nice pacing, and you’re in for a thrilling experience!”

Runaway Train
Escapetales, Bussum

When the smoke pulls away you are confronted with a derailed train in the middle of an office building. You are a member of the research team who has to discover how this could have happened. During the investigation you find out that not everything is what it seems to be.

Tom, comedian and host at Sherlocked: “This is a great escape room set in an everyday environment. It creeps you out because the space feels so familiar, yet so different. This room is set in a train cabin. It makes you unable to ever see that space as safe and normal again. I bought a car after playing the experience, because I’m not setting foot in any form of public transport ever again.”

Kamer 237

‘You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave’. Does room 237 ring a bell? It’s probably the most notorious room in film history… The hotel looks nice, you get a warm welcome by the staff and you are offered to stay in the most beautiful suite: room 237. But from the moment you step into the elevator, you find out that not everything is as it seems in this strange hotel.

Aimée, marketing manager at Sherlocked: “Kamer 237 has blown us away. We visited the room with the Sherlocked management team and each of us have played several escape rooms, but this room surprised us in many ways. I can’t reveal too much, but what I can say is: there were some mesmerizing moments that we’ll never forget. The atmosphere of the experience is brilliant and the build quality is unprecedented. PS: send help. We checked out, but we’re still stuck in this bloody hotel…”